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Almost 2010…

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Is there a bah humbug equivalent for New Years Eve?
I have to admit I absolutely hate New Years Eve. If I were to name the worst parties I’d ever been to, probably 4 of the top 5 would be New Years Eve and would be the only New Years Eve parties I’ve ever been to. Its not the parties themselves thats the problem, its getting to and from them or its being forced to go to family parties by the other half. I dont have an other half at the minute so I’m at least spared the requirement to spend hours with people you havent spent that much time with since this time last year.
When I was a kid we’d always go ‘first footing’ with some coal and some bread in hand to neighbours and friends. The idea being the first person through a door after midnight on new years day brings symbols of heat and food for the year to come. If they had a lucky year you would be welcomed with open arms, if they had a rubbish year they would peer out the window and ignore you.
I had the reputation of being a lucky kid so was sent up and down the street which was great as in return you got sweets. Everyones a winner.
Good job I didnt need to get a taxi to friends, family and neighbours.
I remember trying to make my way home with a young lady who was helping to prop me up, well in fact we were not so much attracted physically rather we both seemed to repel gravity better as a pairing. I stopped at a taxi rank and when asked where I was going I gave my home address. The response was ‘Im not going there, sorry.’ This did not compute. There is a protocol in engineering called full duplex, thats where both sides communicating can talk at once. Its usually not known in human behaviour but was in full flow now. Obviously this taxi driver was a bus or train driver and didnt realise he had full control over the steering wheel. As a generally sober person I realise the pain people have when trying to rationalise with drunk people but this was entirely warranted. Of course it being the early hours of new years day there were loads of people in our predicament so full duplex doesnt really cover about 30-40 people all standing round a taxi giving their opinion.
The only taxi drivers willing to drive ‘out to the sticks’ (a distance of 11 miles) wanted me to remortgage.
I can see their point, they want to make loads of shorter more lucrative in town runs but do they really think we wont remember this the rest of the year? A couple of months ago I got a taxi to take me to the car dealership to pick up my car and I asked how was business. In the downturn they had been hit hard by people with other jobs moonlighting as taxi drivers, no insurance blah blah blah, tell me about it, I’m a photographer. I had to stop myself laughing though when he complained about people walking, I mean how dare they! Walking when they would have taken a taxi in the past!
Its lighthearted comment but its tough times for most self employed people so hopefully next year will be stable for most but I still think people are better off walking when they can.


I dont get this new years resolutions thing either. Yes I see the point, line in the sand, turn of the year, decide to get a better life etc but why wait? I dont do resolutions, well I do, I just dont do them at fixed time of the year. My argument isnt about the resolutions per se but how wooly they are. By all means make them but make them achieveable, or measurable or indeed if you are going to be silly, just be silly.
This year I am going to the moon. (its probably as likely as people losing weight or stopping smoking)
Im not actually going to the moon, but if the opportunity arises, count me in. I am going to South America though. Its not a New Years Resolution, I didnt wake up yesterday and just book a flight. Its my ‘last’ continent. Never been, always wanted to go and now I have a good friend there Im off for a while. Its sort of weird that Ive been saying for years that I fancy a trip to South America and it was all done and dusted in less than an hour one day. Theres nothing like looking out at dull grey skies for months to make you get off your backside and look for somewhere warmer.
It will be a photo taking trip and Ive looked everywhere to justify an ‘Irish’ angle on it, but I cant, besides which, have you seen the weather here? I dont think I’ll miss much in January and February and no this blog isnt sponsored by the Irish tourist board.
Im also planning a couple of things for this blog, as well as the usual and the travel stuff, I’ve a couple of ideas for ‘Top Gear’ style ‘challenges’ later on in the year, not exactly resolutions but more ‘if 2010 weather is better than 2009’. I have to use my twitter account for something, preferably long before all the cool kids desert twitter for the next greatest thing.
I need to continue the radharcimages.com project this coming year, I’m a bit behind where I wanted to be but what can you do when it rains each and every day for 90 days in the places you want to shoot. (go to south america? ;-))
As along with half the western world I need to lose a bit of weight. No really I do but I’ll just have this last piece of christmas cake with my coffee first.
This is rapidly turning into a New Years resolution list but I know its not as I’ve still a couple of christmas puddings and other such things to go through first so no weight loss will happen until the 2nd week of January at the earliest.
Going on a diet

So as the last posting of 2009 I wish you all a peaceful and healthy 2010.

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