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Gerry Adams

Paraphrasing Mr Adams I thought Id add a quick catch up blog entry.
Following on from my last blog post I had a few emails asking why I was closing the business. For those of you under the age of say 25 who dont know that to play a video game you had to go outdoors to a place called an ‘arcade’ hence arcade games and put 10p (or later 50p or a quid) in a slot to play a game, the title comes from when the space invaders would reach the bottom or galaxians would land on you/shoot you.

Its been a busy time the last month or so. We had the great cold snap of 2010 and of course Christmas. Apart from eating and drinking this is usually a quiet time in the business and usually when I take my holidays. The cold snap did have a couple of advantages though…

Beer Cans in the snow

Stormont Parliament Buildings in the snow - Northern Ireland

This time last year I was in Argentina – sigh 😉

Buenos Aires Night - Argentina

Its also the time to do all those business type things such as catch up with tax returns so it isnt as big a shock in April, reorganising emails, categorising all those bookmarks made during the year ‘to go back to’, along with the more mundane tasks such as equipment maintenance, computer upgrades etc. Time to send things out for service and order in equipment and supplies for this years event business and update hard drives, routers and generally get time to look at the business as a whole.

business hardware upgrades

As a part of the review Ive made some minor changes to my photography business website Joe Fox Photography, Im very loathe to make changes to the site even though at times it looks to me like a dogs dinner. It is one of those things, if it works leave it alone although with the recent google local changes the ranking has disappeared off the face of the planet, so maybe it is time to refine it.
A greater urgency though is to finally self host and streamline the Radharc Images site. Since I started the Radharc Images site Ive been using smugmug as a hosting, just to see how things go and to see if it is a feasible business idea. It does look quite amateurish but a quick half way house and basically just used as a search engine and repository for images that I can access online anywhere in the world (rather than having to bring portable hard drives with me). At the minute I am trialling real agency software which will give the site a lot more functionality and allow me to progress the trial concept into a full grown business. Im probably looking at a proper relaunch sometime at the start of March as I will parallel the two developments until Im happy with the new implementation. So thats enough to be getting on with.
Processing the comments on the blog are always interesting, Im fine for Ugg boots thanks, I can get painkillers easily enough, I guess because you have found the site the SEO ranking isnt that bad, I dont have any loans and dont need any and yes I already own my own home. I am concerned that the offers of viagra have dried up to be replaced with adverts for holidays for the over 50s. Now Im nowhere near 50 but Id like to think that if I ever do reach 50 that everything would still be working 100% or at the very least Id still be getting viagra spam. In fact now I come to think of it, the walk in hot tubs, laser eye surgery and orthopaedic beds means some email/blog spammer must have a 41-death categorisation for age.
I do now realise with all those tag words I should be inundated with hundreds of emails!

Normal blog service will be resumed next week with an update on some of the projects Im currently working on.
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