hand sanitiser panic buying stockpiling due to coronavirus outbreak

Long time no speak…

At the time of writing (St Patricks Day 2020) we are probably likely to go in to lockdown for Coronavirus soon.

I started this business back in 2002 and have worked with lots of companies and people on every continent on earth. This is a truely global crisis and if I havent emailed you all individually already I will use this blog to wish you and your families the very best during this difficult time.

We can and we will come through this. Keep healthy, get some sun if possible, get some rest and look after yourselves and your loved ones and neighbours.

When its time I look forward to once again shaking your hands or giving you all a big hug.

Take care of yourselves (and keep washing those hands and lay off the stacking of bog roll 😉 )


stockpile of toilet rolls in bathroom due to panic buying stockpiling due to coronavirus outbreak